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Audio from Interviews

 The alignment of visual and audio aspects juxtaposes the efficiency with which a painted image captures someone and the time with which an audio recording deepens one's understanding of the subject. My intention is to create four portraits truly authentic to each identity.

Identity and Fortune
A study on Asian American Identities through large-scale portraits

A solo exhibition composed of four 4' x 8' portraits and auditory accompaniments 

Identity is an extremely multifaceted concept.

All faces of identity beg the question; Is the way I am perceived externally aligned with how I perceive myself internally? Through this project, I aim to explore the authentic perception of one's self and others; specifically focusing on how this correlates to Asian American Identity and the significance of luck and fortune rooted in this culture. 

Opening night: Saturday, March 4, 5-8 pm

1100 Florence Gallery 

1100 Florence Ave, Evanston IL 60202

Sat March 4, 12-8 pm
Sun March 5, 12-5
Identity and Fortune is a solo show of artist June Ahleman’s most recent work. The exhibition includes four large (4’x8’) oil-on-wood portraits of Asian Americans and audio from her interviews with the subjects. The installation draws on her interest in racial identity, the intersection of how we see ourselves and how others perceive us, and the role of fortune in shaping the relationship between the two. June is a senior at Chicago Waldorf Highschool and the installation is the basis of her Independent Senior Project.
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